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Explore the fascinating world beneath our feet. Join me in unraveling the wonders and importance of fungi in nature and our lives.

Who Are You?

Hi, I'm Chris, born and raised in Pittsburgh PA. Mushrooms are fascinating to me and I'm trying to learn everything I can about them. My work background is various aspects of digital marketing, hense the website.

Are You a Credible Source?

I'm only a citizen scientist. I'm learning as I go and this website is like my notebook. Take my advice with a grain of salt, but I try to double check my facts so not to stir you down the wrong path.

What's the Purpose of Mycology Start?

I'm hoping ad revenue from this website will enable to me spend more time on mycology. From there I think would like to drill down into learning more about how fungi communicate and how their morphology adapts to their environments.

Learn Mycology

  • Introduction: Explore their roles, unravel myths, and trace the steps of pioneer mycologists. Understand why fungi, often overlooked, are in fact indispensable to life as we know it.
  • Basics of Fungi: Discover their structure, their genetic makeup, and the intricate classification system that mycologists use.
  • Biology: From their nutritional habits to their reproductive strategies and the intriguing genetics that drive them.
  • Ecology: Explore their environmental roles, their intricate relationships with other organisms, and their crucial place in biodiversity and ecological successions.
  • Human Uses: Dive into the diverse ways humans have harnessed the powers of fungi for food, medicine, and industrial applications.
  • Diseases: Explore the world of fungal diseases that affect plants, animals, and even humans.
  • Conservation: Delve into the challenges facing fungi and the concerted efforts in place to conserve these essential organisms.
  • Advanced Topics: Understand the evolutionary history of fungi, their behavior, and the cutting-edge research shaping the future of mycology.
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How to Grow Mushrooms

Cultivating mushrooms at home deepens your connection with these extraordinary organisms and also turns simple organic matter into culinary and medicinal gems. We're dedicated to guiding you through this process, providing insights and answering any questions you might have, ensuring your cultivation journey is both successful and fulfilling.

Grow Mushrooms

Mushroom Identification

Mushroom identification reveals the beauty and complexity of fungi, connecting your curiosity to the natural world. It transforms the way you see and interact with the environment, turning walks in the forest into treasure hunts for culinary and medicinal wonders. We're here to support your journey into this fascinating realm, offering insights into the diverse types of mushrooms, their habitats, and the vital roles they play in our ecosystem. From debunking myths to highlighting the importance of safety around toxic varieties, we aim to answer all your questions, making your exploration both enlightening and rewarding.

Mushroom Identification


Step into the microscopic realm of mycology, where even the smallest details reveal fascinating secrets. I'm just starting my journey into microscopy, eager to uncover the intricate behaviors and structures of fungi. Let's learn together how this essential tool can transform our view of the natural world, from identifying mushroom species to appreciating their complex life cycles.


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