Fungal Ecology

Fungal Ecology
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This section delves into the diverse ecological roles fungi play, the symbiotic relationships they form with other organisms, and their importance in environmental succession and biodiversity.

4.1 Fungi in the Environment

Understand how fungi play a crucial role in our ecosystems as primary decomposers, influencers of soil structure and health, and bioindicators. Dive into the contribution of fungi in the carbon cycle and their potential impact on climate change.

4.2 Fungi and Other Organisms

Discover the fascinating world of symbiotic relationships involving fungi, including mycorrhizae and lichens, and explore the role of fungi as parasites and pathogens. Dive into several case studies to gain a deeper understanding of specific fungal pathogens and their impacts.

4.3 Fungal Succession and Biodiversity

Learn about the crucial role of fungi in environmental succession and their contribution to biodiversity across various biomes. Understand how fungi prepare environments for plant colonization and how their diversity varies in different ecological zones.

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