Mushroom Gill Attachments

The gills (lamellae) attach to the stem (stipe) in many unique ways. The characteristics of a mushroom's gill attachment aid in the identification. The age of a specimen is significant when observing gill attachments as they could break away (Seceding) as the mushroom matures. Describe the magnitude or breadth of the gills using terms such as broad, narrow, or ventricose. Ventricose means the gills have a swollen midsection. Also, inspect the thickness of the gills to assist in accurate identification.

Cutting a cross-section in the mushroom gives the best vantage point for observing the gill attachment.


Adnate - Mushroom Gill Attachment

Gills that are broadly attached to the stipe.


Adnexed - Mushroom Gill Attachment

Gills are narrowly attached to the stipe.


Sinuate - Mushroom Gill Attachment

Gills are smoothly notched before slighting running down the stipe.


Emarginate - Mushroom Gill Attachment

Gills are notched abruptly before attaching to the stipe.


Sededing - Mushroom Gill Attachment

Gills appear torn away or hanging, but where attached at some point in time. Evidence of the attachment may remain on the stipe, usually occurs in older specimens.


Decurrent - Mushroom Gill Attachment

Gills are attached and extend down the stipe.


Subdecurrent - Mushroom Gill Attachment

Gills are attached and slightly extend down the stipe.


Free - Mushroom Gill Attachment

Gills do not attach to the stipe.


Collared - Mushroom Gill Attachment

Gills are attached to a collar or ring that encircles the stipe.

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