Psathyrellaceae is a family of fungi belonging to the Agaricales order. Being saprotrophs, you'll find them growing on dead and dying wood. They typically exhibit delicate fruiting bodies with dark spores. Most ink cap mushrooms are Psathyrellaceae, and nearly half of the species go through deliquescence—a process in which the pileus deteriorations into an inky black goo-like substance.

Genera of Psathyrellaceae

  • Coprinellus
  • Coprinopsis
  • Cystoagaricus
  • Gasteroagaricoides
  • Homophron
  • Hormographiella
  • Kauffmania
  • Lacrymaria
  • Palaeocybe
  • Parasola
  • Psathyrella
  • Macrometrula
  • Typhrasa
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