Taxon: Order

Known for many of the most iconic mushrooms, the diverse Agaricales order of fungi contains over 10,000 recorded species. Currently, scientists classify Agaricales by their genetic relationship to one another. Before this molecular analysis, the order was classified by their basidiospore producing gills. Beyond cap and gill mushrooms, the order consists of boletes with spore dispensing tubes, Earthstar, and puffballs. While the majority are saprotrophic, there are some parasitic (on plants) and mycorrhizal species.

Families of Agaricales

  • Agaricaceae
  • Amanitaceae
  • Bolbitiaceae
  • Broomeiaceae
  • Chromocyphellaceae
  • Clavariaceae
  • Cortinariaceae
  • Cyphellaceae
  • Entolomataceae
  • Fistulinaceae
  • Hemigasteraceae
  • Hydnangiaceae
  • Hygrophoraceae
  • Hymenogastraceae
  • Inocybaceae
  • Limnoperdaceae
  • Lyophyllaceae
  • Marasmiaceae
  • Mycenaceae
  • Niaceae
  • Phelloriniaceae
  • Physalacriaceae
  • Pleurotaceae
  • Pluteaceae
  • Porotheleaceae
  • Psathyrellaceae
  • Pterulaceae
  • Schizophyllaceae
  • Stephanosporaceae
  • Strophariaceae
  • Tricholomataceae
  • Typhulaceae
Microscope: Swift SW380T
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