Mushroom Hunting Equipment & Field Guides

Mushroom Hunting Equipment & Field Guides
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Field Guides - North East

Boletes of Eastern North America

The definitive guide to Eastern North America's boletes. Revel in extensive descriptions, rich photography, and a myriad of insights.

Wild Mushrooms of Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic

Venture into the woods of the Mid-Atlantic with Bill Russell as he uncovers the fungal treasures that flourish beneath the canopy.

Mushrooms of the Northeast

Written by renowned foraging experts, this book categorizes over 400 wild mushroom species by shape and color, simplifying identification and boosting confidence in the field.

Mushrooms of the Northeastern United States and Eastern Canada

A compact guide that brilliantly captures over 500 of the area's most notable mushrooms through vibrant photography and detailed descriptions.

Trees of Eastern North America

Trees of Eastern North America provides an in-depth look at the region's diverse trees. For mushroom enthusiasts, understanding these trees is crucial as many fungi form mutualistic relationships with specific tree species. Dive into this guide to enhance your mushroom hunting by recognizing the trees they thrive alongside.

Field Guides - North West

Mushrooms of the Northwest

Explore the vast world of Northwest mushrooms with this beginner-friendly guide. With over 400 species, color-coded identifications, and insights on edibility, it's the perfect companion for Idaho, Oregon, and Washington foragers.

Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest

From Oregon's coast to Montana's mountains, explore 493 mushroom species with Steve Trudell's expert guidance. This guide, with its color-coded layout and clear photographs, is the Pacific Northwest's ultimate mushroom handbook.

Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest Foraging Guide

Embark on a concise visual exploration of the Pacific Northwest's fungal wonders. This guide pairs 80+ vibrant images with expert insights, making it the go-to for quick, comprehensive mushroom foraging in the PNW.

Field Guides - South East

A Field Guide to Mushrooms of the Carolinas

Discover 650 unique mushrooms of the Carolinas with this comprehensive guide, enriched with vibrant photographs, edibility insights, and the region's mycological history.

Mushrooms of the Southeast

Embark on a mycological journey in the Southeast. With this guide, uncover the beauty of 330 illustrated species and gain knowledge on over 1,000 mushrooms, all while navigating safely with the provided keys and color-coded layout.

Mushrooms of the Southeastern United States

Explore the fungal wonders of the southeastern US through detailed descriptions and vibrant photographs of over 450 species. Whether you're a budding mycologist or an avid nature lover, this book is an essential guide to the region's mushroom diversity.

Field Guides - South West

A Hip Pocket Guide to Western Mushrooms

From the author of the acclaimed "Mushrooms Demystified", this pocket guide offers insights into more than 200 Western mushrooms, blending essential knowledge with David Arora's characteristic wit.

Field Guide to Mushrooms of Western North America

Navigate the vast fungal terrain of Western North America with this detailed guide, showcasing over 300 species, state-of-the-art taxonomic insights, and unique coverage on often-neglected southern regions.

Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast

Explore Coastal Northern California's fungi with "Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast", featuring over 750 species, vivid photos, and in-depth insights from Monterey to the Oregon border.

Mushrooms of the Rocky Mountain Region

Dive into the diverse world of Rocky Mountain fungi with Vera Evenson's guide, highlighting 220+ distinctive mushrooms, accompanied by vibrant images and crucial safety tips.

Mushroom Hunting

Folding Pruning Knife - 7 Inch

I recommended the Hawkbill Folding Pruning Knife during mushroom hunts. Its 7-inch design ensures precise cuts and easy handling.

Mushroom Foraging Bag

Crafted for the keen mushroom hunter, this bag offers an ergonomic design. Tear-resistant mesh protects your finds and promotes spore dispersal.

Mushroom Cleaning Brush

Elevate your mushroom collection and photography with a pristine clean using the Mushroom Cleaning Brush, ensuring each specimen remains undamaged and ready for the spotlight.

Mushroom Identification Flashcards

Enhance your mycological knowledge with the "New York Botanical Garden Mushroom Identification Flashcards." Discover and identify 100 common North American mushrooms with ease!

Garmin Handheld GPS Navigator

Embrace the world of mycology with the Garmin eTrex 10 Worldwide Handheld GPS. Mark treasured mushroom spots and safely navigate back, wherever you roam.

Precision Lensatic Compass

Mark mushroom spots with ease and never worry about getting lost deep in the woods during your foraging expeditions.

Magnifying Glass with Light

For a detailed observation of mushroom morphology, this 10x magnifying glass with light is unparalleled. Illuminate subtle features for precise identification every time.

Hooded Rain Poncho

From rainy forest trails to unexpected downpours, the PTEROMY Unisex Rain Poncho has got you covered.

Solar Charger - 20000mAh Battery Pack

When foraging for mushrooms deep in the wilderness, keep devices charged and ready. The Solar Charger Battery Pack offers 20000mAh capacity, dual LED flashlights, and is perfect for extended trips.


Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

Explore the macro world of fungi with the Xenvo Pro Lens Kit. With its wide-angle and 15x macro lenses, plus a LED fill light, it's my go-to for stunning mushroom photos.

Gimbal Stabilizer for Smartphones

Enhance your mycology video captures with the Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus. This 3-axis gimbal stabilizer offers 600° auto rotation, face/object tracking, and ensures smooth footage even in challenging terrains.

Phone Tripod Stand with Bluetooth Remote

Elevate your mobile photography with a tripod stand designed for stability. Snap from a distance with the included Bluetooth remote.

Mini Camera Photo Lighting

For clear and captivating mycology content, the VL-100c Soft LED Video Light is a game-changer. Offering adjustable angles and a bi-color spectrum, it brings out the best in mushroom photography and vlogging.

Light Reflector Diffuser Multi-Discs

Bring versatility to your studio or macro photography with the 5-in-1 12"/30cm Collapsible Pocket Reflector. Collapsible and compact, it offers silver, gold, black, white, and translucent options.

Cameras Cleaning Kit

Every detail matters in photography. Maintain camera clarity with Altura's Professional Cleaning Kit, boasting a dedicated lens and LCD spray.

Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera Bundle

Elevate your mushroom photography with the Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera Bundle. Paired with the EF-S 18-55mm lens and 2pc SanDisk 32GB memory cards, capture mushrooms in crisp detail and store countless adventures.

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