iNaturalist: A Mycologist's Best Friend
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Discovering iNaturalist

Ever stumbled across an unfamiliar mushroom, an unknown plant or curious insect during your outdoor adventures? With iNaturalist, you can quickly unravel nature's mysteries. This free and user-friendly platform, available as both a website and mobile app, allows nature nerds and professionals alike to submit observations of living organisms for identification. Through the wonders of machine learning and the expertise of a vast community, you'll soon have a name for that mysterious find. Think of iNaturalist as your digital field guide – one that grows with every new discovery!

How Does iNaturalist Work?

Whether you're an experienced biologist or just someone with a passion for nature, iNaturalist provides a platform to bridge the gap between curiosity and knowledge. But how does it achieve this? Let's delve into its workflow:

  1. Capture and Upload: Spot an interesting organism? Simply snap a photo and upload it to iNaturalist. If you're out and about without an internet connection, don't worry! The mobile app allows for offline photo capturing which can be uploaded once you're back online.
  2. Automatic Suggestions: Once you've uploaded your observation, iNaturalist's advanced machine learning model springs into action, offering potential identification suggestions based on the visual characteristics of your specimen and data from similar observations.
  3. Community Input: If the automated suggestions aren't quite right or if you'd like more confidence in an identification, the vast iNaturalist community comes into play. Your observation is made available to experts and enthusiasts around the world who can weigh in on its classification. Over time, as more users agree on an identification, your observation becomes more refined and accurate.
  4. Achieving Research Grade: Once your observation has met specific criteria, including receiving consensus on its identification from the community, it is elevated to 'Research Grade' status. This means it's of high enough quality to be used in scientific research, contributing to global biodiversity studies.
  5. Join or Start a Project: iNaturalist allows users to group observations into projects. Whether it's tracking the flora and fauna of a local park, like the Dormont Park Project, or cataloging a specific species, projects offer a focused way to study and appreciate nature.
  6. Learn and Grow: As you use iNaturalist, you'll not only help identify and catalog biodiversity but also expand your own knowledge. The platform is as much about learning as it is about contributing, making it an endless journey of discovery.

With a seamless blend of technology and community-driven expertise, iNaturalist has revolutionized how we interact with and understand the natural world around us. Whether you're looking to satisfy a fleeting curiosity or dive deep into a lifelong passion, iNaturalist provides the tools, platform, and community to guide you.

The Perfect Starting Point for a Citizen Scientist

Stepping into the realm of scientific research might seem intimidating, but with iNaturalist, it's accessible and engaging for everyone. As a platform, it's not just about identifying the world around you—it's about making meaningful contributions to our collective understanding of biodiversity. So, how can an everyday nature enthusiast transform into a citizen scientist? Let's explore:

  1. Every Observation Counts: It all begins with the act of observing. Whether you're photographing a rare mushroom species in your backyard or documenting a common bird on your morning walk, each observation adds value to the global database.
  2. Collaboration Over Competition: On iNaturalist, the journey from curiosity to knowledge isn't a solitary one. The platform thrives on community input. Share your observations and lean on the expertise of seasoned researchers and fellow enthusiasts to identify and validate your findings.
  3. Attaining 'Research Grade' Status: As your observation gains more community consensus and fulfills specific criteria, it's elevated to the coveted 'Research Grade' level. This isn't just a badge of honor—it means your observation holds enough merit to be utilized in academic research and biodiversity studies.
  4. Contribute to Larger Endeavors: Join existing projects or create your own, like the Dormont Park Project, to align your observations with larger research goals. This helps streamline efforts, making community observations even more impactful.
  5. Continuous Learning: Being a citizen scientist isn't just about contributing—it's also about expanding your own horizons. As you engage with the platform, you'll inevitably absorb knowledge, refine your observation skills, and foster a deeper appreciation for the intricacies of nature.

With iNaturalist, the journey of a citizen scientist is marked by discovery, collaboration, and a passion for understanding the natural world. Whether you're taking your first steps or are a seasoned observer, iNaturalist provides the tools and community to nurture your scientific endeavors.

Think of iNaturalist as Pokémon GO but for real-world biodiversity; instead of catching Pikachu, you're discovering actual species in your backyard and around the world.

The Dormont Park Project

Dormont Park Map of Biodiversity

There's something special about Dormont Park, and I've decided to spotlight its magic. Born from countless walks and discoveries, I've initiated the Dormont Park Project. It’s a lively snapshot of the park's thriving ecosystem.

But this isn't just my project; it's an invitation. I’ve laid the foundation with my observations, and now I encourage everyone to jump in. Together, let's make this the ultimate digital scrapbook of Dormont's natural wonders.

Explore Dormont Park

Embark on Your iNaturalist Adventure

Eager to join the ranks of the millions contributing to iNaturalist's impressive database? Setting forth is easy! With the platform currently boasting over 154 million observations spanning 431,507 species, there's no limit to what you can discover. Whether you're venturing into your garden or exploring more exotic locales, iNaturalist offers endless exploration opportunities. I recommend leveraging both the desktop site, with its plethora of features, and the mobile app for on-the-go observations.

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