Taxon: Family

The hymenogastraceae family of fungi contains around 1,600 species of false-truffles and agaric mushrooms. Modern-day molecular testing allowed for the inclusion of agaric mushrooms. Before genetic testing, the family only consisted of false-truffles. Many hallucinogenic mushrooms belong to this family in the genus Psilocybe.

An infamous hymenogastraceae mushroom is the "Deadly Galerina" Galerina marginata. Its amatoxin, alpha-amanitin, is one of the most deadly. Usually resulting in death in 7 days because of severe liver damage and kidney failure. It is highly recommended you learn how to identify this mushroom, as it is common with many edible look-alikes.

Genera of Hymenogastraceae

  • Alnicola
  • Deconica
  • Dendrogaster
  • Fulvidula
  • Galera
  • Galerina
  • Galerula
  • Geophila
  • Gymnopilus
  • Hebeloma
  • Hymenogaster
  • Hypholoma
  • Naematoloma
  • Naucoria
  • Pachylepyrium
  • Phaeogalera
  • Psathyloma
  • Psilocybe
  • Rhizopogoniella
  • Stropharia
  • Stropholoma
  • Velomycena

Hymenogastraceae Species