Catalog of Fungi

Welcome to my catalog of fungi. Inside you'll find loads of information about each species I've documented. There is a strong emphasis on the aspects of the mushroom's morphology. This is to aid in identification along with the numerous photos I've taken of each specimen.

We also discuss if the mushroom is edible. PLEASE do not use this website as your only source resource for identification. I highly recommend using field guides and other websites to aid in adequately identifying edible mushrooms. NEVER consume mushrooms if you are not 100% certain of its identity.

My website is still in its infancy, so not many species of mushrooms have been recorded yet. However, mushroom season is just around the corner here in Western Pennsylvania, so check back regularly for new additions to the library.

Most Recent

Phellinus <i>robiniae</i>
Phellinus robiniae

Also known as the crack cap polypore.

Coprinellus <i>micaceus</i>
Coprinellus micaceus

Learn about the Glistening Ink Cap or Mica Cap of the Coprinellus Genus